Microsoft wants to help you save your Gmail files to SkyDrive

Microsoft knows that not every person is going to dump Gmail for their newly launched email service. For those who are still using Gmail but want to integrate SkyDrive into their workflow, Microsoft has worked with to build you a solution.

Microsoft has announced today a partnership with which will make it easier for Gmail users to save files directly to SkyDrive. The plug-in works for Chrome and Firefox and it automatically saves your attachments directly to Microsoft's Skydrive platform. If you prefer not to have all of your attachments saved automatically, you can create custom rules to save only targeted files automatically to your Skydrive account.

The plug-in is an interesting play by Microsoft as they are not only targeting Gmail, but they are working inside the platform to help those users align with Microsoft's cloud service. How many users will actually sign up for the service remains an important statistic that we may never know but for Microsoft, having this option removes on major barrier for Gmail users to make SkyDrive their preferred platform. launched in late July and since then has been growing at an incredible rate. Neowin recently partnered up with the team to answer you questions and you can view that video here.

Source: Microsoft


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