Microsoft wants you to know that booting to desktop is kind of a big deal in Windows 8.1

When Microsoft announced Windows 8.1, the update brought many enhancements to the platform, including the ability to boot to desktop. While this is a nice feature for those who need it, it's not something that is typically marketed by the company. Why? Well, for one thing, the boot-to-desktop feature should have been part of Windows 8 from the beginning and shows that Microsoft has backtracked away from forcing the modern environment on its users.

Don't get us wrong: We love the feature, but Microsoft made this the top item on their list. Coming in second place is that ability to pin apps to the taskbar and third item is the ability to easily switch between apps with your mouse thanks to the visible taskbar at the bottom of modern apps.

The video is exactly one minute long but we don't expect this video to make it to the cable networks; it's simply a video that they used to shove out on their YouTube channel.

Source: Microsoft via Winbeta

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