Microsoft: Windows 7 launch will not repeat Vista

Now that we've got a rough release date of Windows 7, Microsoft making sure that Windows 7's launch will go smoothly and not be plagued with compatibility issues reports Paul Thurrott and Channel Web.

While Windows 7 could RTM at anytime, and is already compatible with most hardware and software, Microsoft wants to get as close to 100 percent compatibility as possible before the launch.

There has been pressure to release Windows 7 as quickly as possible, but Microsoft has stated that it will not succumb to this pressure.

"Many are pushing us to release the product sooner rather than later, but our focus remains on a high quality release", says Steve Sinofsky, Senior Vice President, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group.

But Microsoft isn't the only one that is making sure that Windows 7's launch will go smoothly, Nvidia says they're not going to screw up with the Windows 7 launch either, and AMD already has Windows 7 drivers out for it's ATI Radeon product. OEMs are also starting to get ready, and Acer already has a release date of October 23rd set.

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