Microsoft: Windows 8 app store business model was just a placeholder

Earlier this week, Neowin reported that Microsoft was planning to take 30 percent of the revenues from sales of downloadable apps from the Windows Store. The app store will be one of the big new features in Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system. This is the same revenue cut that Apple offers creators of programs made for its iOS app store. The info came from last week's BUILD Conference where Microsoft showed off a slide during one of their presentations that had those Windows Store revenue percentage numbers.

Now a Microsoft spokesperson has contacted Neowin via email to offer a clarification on this story. The spokesperson admitted, " ... that was actually a placeholder we neglected to remove (realize it was a mistake). We will have more to share about economics when the Windows Store goes live."

That admission means that, at least at the moment, Microsoft has yet to set a revenue split for third party apps released for the Windows Store. It also means that Microsoft could, in theory, offer better financial terms for Windows Store app sales than Apple currently provides for its iOS app store.

The spokesperson didn't dispute other parts of the article which included word that the Windows Store will be the only place that users will be able to purchase and download apps made for the Metro-style touch screen user interface for Windows 8. Microsoft will also offer non-Metro based apps via the Windows Store. Microsoft will also be checking every Windows Store app for viruses and malware before those apps are released to the public.

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