Microsoft: Windows 8 launch will boost Windows Phone sales

With today's launch of the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, Microsoft and other companies are hoping that this early version of the OS will help boost sales of PCs. But, could Windows 8's launch also help with sales of Windows Phone devices? That's what a Windows Phone executive claims today.

The Inquirer reports that during an interview with Larry Lieberman, Microsoft's senior product manager for Windows Phone, stated:

The release of Windows 8 will help to drive sales of the Windows Phone platform as the Metro interface becomes common place on the desktop and we drive integration between the platforms.

There are already rumors that Windows Phone 8, code named "Apollo" will be based on the NT kernel which is the same kernel that Windows 8 uses. In theory that will allow Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 to share a lot of programming and functionality.

In the same interview, Lieberman also commented on the relatively slow sales of Windows Phone product. He stated:

The sales of Windows Phone could also be higher, but you have to remember it is a new platform. It is not a small investment from Microsoft, we believe that mobile phones are the future of computing so we are focused on bringing affordable technology to the masses.

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