Microsoft Windows Vista December CTP Released

The December Microsoft Windows Vista Community Technology
Preview (CTP) is the third in a series of early Windows Vista builds
being released to an extensive technical community. The CTP program is
designed to involve customers and partners in the various stages of
Windows Vista development by facilitating timely and relevant feedback.

Build 5270 was signed off as the code ready for beta testers and MSDN customers for the December CTP. After no November CTP there should be a few surprises and additions from the last build that testers have used (5231).

Microsoft is on schedule to have the majority of Windows Vista
features code-complete by the end of 2005, and the CTP program will
help enable Microsoft to provide testers with a feature-complete
version of the product sooner than for any previous Windows release.

The December CTP will be distributed to testers in the Windows Vista
Technical Beta Program, and is available to more than half a million
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet subscribers. The
December CTP offers developers, IT professionals, and Windows
enthusiasts an opportunity to review and test some of the operating
system's significant security and performance enhancements and
innovations. It also showcases progress on the overall user experience
and design elements in Windows Vista.

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