Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference starts next week

It's already been a busy last few weeks for Microsoft, with its launch of the Windows 8 Release Preview, its E3 2012 announcements, its first Windows Phone 8 details and the reveal of the Surface tablet. Next week, Microsoft holds yet another event. It's the company's annual Worldwide Partner Conference, which this year is being held in Toronto. It's the first show in a few years that hasn't been held in the US.

The event takes place from July 8th-12th, but for the first time, Microsoft will be offering live streaming shows from the event starting on Monday. This video on YouTube states that the shows will go live each day at 8:30 am, 11 am and 5 pm ET from July 9th-11th, with one more show at 1 pm on July 12th.

In addition, Microsoft will host a live stream of the WPC 2012 keynote address, which will be made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. That is scheduled to happen on Monday at 9 am ET.

The Worldwide Partner Conference is for Microsoft's many hardware and software product partners to gather together to learn more about Microsoft's plans for the next year, along with learning with each other. Microsoft expects over 15,000 people to attend this year's event. You can bet that Windows 8 will be front and center at this year's show.

Source: Worldwide Partner Conference website

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