Microsoft: Xbox One monthly updates will keep on coming

Sales of the Xbox One have been lagging behind those of the PlayStation 4 so far, but Microsoft is putting in a considerable effort to make its console more appealing to the gaming masses. Since it launched a cheaper Kinect-free version of the Xbox One, the company says that monthly sales of the console have doubled. Of course, gamers expect more than just lower prices - they're also hungry for new features. 

Microsoft has been doing a decent job of adding features to the Xbox One, with monthly updates gradually filling in gaps and bringing new additions to its feature set. As TechRadar reports, that monthly cadence will continue for the foreseeable future, as the company continues to update and improve the console - not only to make it more appealing to new buyers, but also to improve the experience for those who have already purchased it. 

Xbox head Phil Spencer tweeted that Microsoft has "worked through the feature list through October", indicating that the company has set out a clear road map of deliverables that will make their way to consoles in the next few months. Beyond that, he says, monthly updates "will continue and features look good."

He added that Microsoft is also working on ways to improve installation and loading times on the Xbox One, although he did not elaborate on a timeframe for when such improvements might become available. 

As BGR noted yesterday, Microsoft's monthly updates are one area in which the company is far ahead of its PS4 rival, which has so far seen fewer, less regular and less substantial updates since it launched around the same time as the Xbox One last year. Xbox One owners will no doubt be pleased to see that Microsoft isn't planning to give any ground to Sony when it comes to keeping its console fresh. 

Last week, Microsoft revealed details of its August update, which will include features such as 3D Blu-Ray support, enhanced Activity Feed updates and social features, and the roll-out of the OneGuide to more markets.

Source: @XboxP3 via TechRadar

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