Microsoft: Yammer is the company's "golden egg"

Yammer's moved into new offices in San Francisco following its acquisition by Microsoft.

Microsoft acquired Yammer in mid-2012 for a cool $1.2 billion, and now Yammer is using some of that Microsoft money to move into some nice new offices in San Francisco. Specifically, Yammer has now opened its new digs inside the 1 TENth building, located in 1355 Market Street in downtown San Francisco.

Business Insider was there for the grand opening of Yammer's new offices Monday, which are in the same building that another major social networking business calls home, Twitter. One wonders if there might be some friendly competition between the two offices before too long.

The site has a picture tour of the new Yammer digs, which, as you can see above, even includes a pool table with the Yammer logo front and center.

The site also chatted briefly with Dan’l Lewin, a corporate vice president at Microsoft who leads the company's Strategic and Emerging Business Development Division. Lewin stated that Microsoft wants a "hands-off" approach when it comes to Yammer, which had five million business users by the time Microsoft bought the company.

He also said that Microsoft wanted to handle Yammer carefully, calling the company a "golden egg." It will be interesting to see how Yammer both expands under its new owners as well as how it integrates with Microsoft products, particularly its Office line up.

Source: Business Insider | Image via Business Insider

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