Microsoft: You can use Office 365 Home Premium for work ... possibly

A week ago today, Microsoft officially launched Office 365 Home Premium, offering users a way to access full versions of Office 2013 on up to five PCs for the subscription price of $99.99 a year. Today, the company released a list of common questions from consumers about the new service that have cropped up since the launch on its Office blog.

The blog post repeats some of what we have already reported, including that Office for Mac 2011 owners can also subscribe to Office 365 Home Premium, and that if you let your subscription expire, the Office 2013 applications will go into a "read only" mode. However, there is one interesting new bit of information about the use of Office 365 Home Premium for work purposes.

Technically, this software is only supposed to be for personal use, but Microsoft's blog post does have an exception if you work from home. Microsoft says:

You may be able to use Office for work at home if your employer has licensed you appropriately through a number of work-at-home options.  If you use Office at work, it's likely you can use it at home, and with Office 365 Home Premium, you would just sign in with your OrgID.  If you're uncertain, your best bet is to ask your employer.

Small business owners will have to wait until February 27th for Microsoft to launch the new Office 365 service for their workspace. Microsoft says, "It has a lot of the same capabilities, cloud connections and social features as Office 365 Home Premium and includes email from your domain, business-grade collaboration and a web site for your business."

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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