Microsoft/Access Hollywood party puts the Surface in the spotlight

Last week, the celebrity TV news show Access Hollywood announced it would hold an event with Microsoft called the "Microsoft All Access Holiday kickoff bash" in Venice, California. As promised, the event, designed to promote Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, was held on Thursday night.

A number of Hollywood actors and other celebrities showed up at the "kickoff bash" and wrote their thoughts on their Twitter accounts. Movie actress Emma Roberts (and niece of Julia Roberts), posted up this note, "SWOONING over this bright pink Microsoft Surface tablet. Definitely putting this on my gift list."

Emmy Rossum, who currently stars on the Showtime TV series Shameless, also seemed to like the "pink" Surface (we assume Roberts and Rossum mean the pink Type Cover). She posted, "Jazzed by the hot pink Microsoft Surface tablet. I know what I'm getting my bff for Christmas!!! Sssh. Don't tell."

Our favorite Windows Phone evangelist, Ben Rudolph, was at the party and posted the above picture on his Twitter account. He also noted that people at the party got to use the Fresh Paint app for Windows 8 with the 80 inch touch screen made by Microsoft's own Perceptive Pixel division. It remains to be seen if media events such as this Hollywood bash actually help Microsoft sell some Windows 8 PCs and Surface tablets. 

Source: Twitter | Image via Ben Rudolph

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