gets updated ahead of Windows 8 launch

Later today Microsoft will release Windows 8 to the world and also release its Surface tablet running Windows RT. While these events, and the upcoming launch of Windows Phone 8, will surely get the most attention during the events, Microsoft has also quietly updated its landingpage at 

The new look places heavy focus on its Surface tablet but also utilizes a significant amount of whitespace. It is clear that Microsoft took a minimal approach to the new layout while maximising the impact of product display with a large product focus in the middle of the page.

Designing a website is not an easy task as form and function typically fight to the death as what looks good, may not alway translate to easy navigation. For Microsoft to revamp its homepage, considerable effort must have been given to the layout as well as navigation but ultimately it up to you, the consumer, to determine if the new page is functional as well as attractive.

Let us know in the comments below if you like Microsoft's new homepage.

Thanks for the tip Niek!

Update: Seems got a makeover too. Thanks for the tip djdanster.

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