Microsoft's $25 Windows 8 iOS developer offer sells out

If you are a iOS software developer, you might have heard something about a way to get a copy of both Windows 8 Pro and Parallels Desktop 8 for just $25. That special price was announced on Tuesday (the money itself went to charity) but now it's too late to get in on this deal.

The offer page on shows that they have sold out of their pre-orders for this deal and to no surprise the page was hammered yesterday and was off-line or hard to reach for several hours. Windows 8 Pro starts its pricing at $120 and Parallels Desktop 8 has a price of $70, so the people who were lucky enough to take advantage of this price were able to score a great deal.

However, Microsoft wants to keep encouraging iOS developers to make apps for Windows 8 and reports that a Microsoft spokesperson said since this offer this week was so popular it will launch similar Mac developer deals "in the near future."

As we reported on Tuesday, Microsoft has also released an update to its Modern.IE software developer service that contains "new enhancements and virtualized copies of IE10 on Windows 7 and IE8 on Windows XP for testing purposes."

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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