Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg: "There are a lot of other projects happening for Xbox"

Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced the Xbox One X, calling it the "most powerful console ever", priced at $499. While its new console was arguably the star of the company's E3 showcase, Microsoft also revealed a wide range of games coming to the Xbox One X and its siblings, including many indie titles.

The amount of time that Microsoft dedicated to indie games at E3 has been the subject of much discussion, but it also showed off its share of big-name exclusives for Xbox. But if you felt short-changed by the number of AAA titles coming to Xbox that it showed at E3, you may be encouraged by comments from Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg.

"It's a fine balance of how much do you show early," Greenberg told At E3, Microsoft focused on showcasing games that are nearing completion, rather than those for which gamers might have to wait a lot longer.

Long-term announcements can generate excitement and buzz around a console, but they come with risks. Many Xbox gamers will recall the disappointment surrounding Xbox exclusive Scalebound, which was announced at E3 2014; following a lengthy development process, and a year-long delay, Microsoft cancelled the game at the beginning of this year. The negativity surrounding that decision may well have been a factor in Microsoft's decision to avoid announcing upcoming games too early.

But Greenberg emphasized that Xbox gamers still have plenty more to look forward to. "I can tell you that there are a lot of other projects happening for Xbox," he said, "with a lot of big titles that we're not talking about today."

He didn't elaborate further on which other games are on the way, but he did appear to rule out one possibility. It looks like the hugely popular and insanely fun Sunset Overdrive won't be getting a follow-up, although Greenberg added: "Never say never."

Source: via GameSpot

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