Microsoft's Band 2 now available in the US for as little as $140

For more than two weeks now, Microsoft has been selling its Band 2 in the US at its full price of $249.99. That's something of a miracle, frankly, given that the company had been offering the device with 30% off that price for 107 out of the 135 days up to July 31.

But if you've been planning to buy a Band 2, there's no need to pay full price for it from the Microsoft Store - shop around, and you'll find the health- and fitness-focused wearable device available elsewhere for a lot less.

Amazon, for example, is currently selling the Band 2 for as little as $140 - that's $110 less than buying directly from Microsoft. That price applies specifically to the medium size; the retailer is offering the small version for around $145, but the large model is out of stock from Amazon itself. Various Amazon Marketplace sellers are offering the large version for around $170, and some are also offering the small and medium sizes for even less than Amazon's prices, including free delivery.

At Best Buy, the Band 2 is being sold for $174.99, but only for those with the most petite wrists. Store pickup is the only way to get it at that price too, with no shipping options available.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Microsoft is continuing to offer the Band 2 with 25% off its full price. By the time that deal ends, it will have been running for more than five months.

Source: Amazon

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