Microsoft's beefing up intelligent systems support

Microsoft is making inroads to setting up Windows-based products that work on what are known as "intelligent systems". The term basically means a way for devices to gather data for a business or organization that can quickly transmit information via the Internet to a cloud-based data center. Enterprise customers can then review that data and then quickly send back updates to those devices if needed.

In a new press release from Microsoft, the company says that its Windows Embedded team has been working solely on developing new and better intelligent systems support for the past year. Microsoft says it can offer any business a way to create an intelligent system setup using devices with Windows Embedded and services such as Windows Azure, SQL Server and more.

The press release states that Microsoft has already helped to create such systems for big businesses like Ford, KFC and Hillcrest Medical. It quotes Windows Embedded General Manager Kevin Dallas as saying:

These leaders represent the cutting edge for top businesses within industries where the embedded market has typically been strong — namely retail and medical, and also our next big industry, auto. These are industries where the focus has changed from solitary, standalone devices to interconnected intelligent systems.

Microsoft quotes numbers from IDC which state that intelligent system-based hardware already has already shipped 1.1 billion units; it's expected to expand to 2.6 billion unit shipments by 2016.

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