Microsoft's commercial onslaught against iPad continues in new advertisement

Microsoft has been releasing a series of commercials that show how the iPad falls behind its Windows 8 counterparts, and the company's latest commercial highlights how the Surface RT is a better device than the iPad by focusing on several key features of the RT.

The commercial focuses on the Microsoft tablet's kickstand, USB port and touch covers; the commercial shows that the iPad does not have any of these features and falls short in competing with the Surface.

Microsoft is not shy that it is fighting to take back the market with these commercials. The iPad is clearly the market leader, and Microsoft is emphasizing that Windows 8 devices have more features and cost less than the iPad.

For Microsoft, its new fiscal year (which kicked off July 1) will be a crucial time to see if the company can grow its share in mobile markets that include Windows Phone and the Surface. Microsoft has been slow to the market with its tablet and smartphone offerings but has been picking up steam in the last few months.

It will be interesting to see how the company's impending reorganization plays into the promotion of these goods, as you can expect quite a few Microsoft’s employee bonuses will be based around the success of these devices in the mobile marketplace.

Source: YouTube via Tom Warren (Twitter)

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