Microsoft's deck chair reshuffling isn't done, more changes on the horizon

Earlier this week, Microsoft made some large changes to the head of its organizational structure as CEO Satya Nadella takes full command of every division to ensure his lieutenants are running the operations he sees fit. While many assumed that these were all the changes the company had planned, according to insiders, more changes are on the horizon.

Prior to this weeks announcements, Neowin was sent information regarding the corporate vice president changes at Microsoft, but we held off posting them as it is tough to verify this sort information. But, seeing as it was exactly correct, we have reason to believe other information passed along, in the same vein, is correct as well.

The changes Microsoft announced are only the start, other changes for additional divisions are being considered, and it's a matter of timing about when to announce additional structural changes to the company. Microsoft said during its recent earnings release that it needs "to take further action to reduce our costs across devices as we execute on our Windows 10 first-party hardware plans," and this goes beyond removing a few executives.

It is believed that Microsoft will write down, or possibly write off, its acquisition of the Nokia-related assets that it purchased, and with that may come additional restructuring costs as well. While Microsoft has completed the Steve Ballmer era reorganization and Nadella's employee cuts, one insider believes that there is still additional overhead to be removed from the company, but would not comment on exactly where the additional overhead occurs.

The additional changes may not arrive this fiscal year, but with a new fiscal year starting in July for Microsoft, these additional changes will likely be announced sooner rather than later.

Microsoft is changing up everything it seems, such as the way it delivers Windows, moving toward a subscription-based company, and the fact that it has fully embraced iOS and Android. The moves show that Nadella has placed his own stamp on the Redmond-based company, with historical precedence no longer largely relevant to the company.

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