Microsoft's demo of Louise shows how Cortana could be integrated into Windows 8

When Microsoft showed off Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1, one of the first questions to be asked is when it would be coming to other platforms. For some time, we have been hearing that Cortana will be coming to Windows and now we know what it could look like, if it were to arrive on Windows 8.

Before Cortana, there was Louise, and thanks to a Microsoft research video, we can see how Cortana could have be integrated into the OS, if Microsoft were ever to do so. The video, even though it is old as we can see Microsoft referring to the modern UI as Metro, shows us what a Windows 8 with Cortana could look like.

The personal digital assistant is tucked away neatly in the top drawer and looks to be quite useful on a tablet. While we do not know if Microsoft has any intention of bringing Cortana to Windows 8, we do expect it to arrive at some point in the company's PC operating system.

The question remains, why did Microsoft not integrate this feature into Windows? Our guess is that, while in the video the feature looks accurate, the digital assistant was quite buggy and Microsoft wanted to work out all of kinks before it got into the hands of consumers.

Source: Microsoft Research | Via: h0x0d

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