Microsoft's DT-904 Wireless Charging Plate goes on sale in the UK for £49.99

Three months ago, Microsoft revealed the DT-904 Wireless Charging Plate, and today, it finally went on sale on the company's official UK store site, priced at £49.99.

The new accessory is the successor to the Nokia-branded DT-903, which featured a novel illumination system that signalled pending notifications on the handset, and which could even remind you when your device needed to be charged.

The DT-904 appears to be virtually identical to its predecessor - both in design and functionality - with the only obvious visual difference being the replacement of the Nokia logo with that of Microsoft. However, unlike the DT-903, which was offered in a range of colours, the newer model is only available in white.

The store description explains:

Life is easier with a wireless charging plate. And when convenience meets style, buying one is an easy decision. Pair a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled Lumia device with the DT-904 Wireless Charging Plate and a soft light will appear beneath the charging plate when the battery is low. It holds phones of all sizes, and has a notification light for missed calls, text messages, and emails. Recharge the charging plate with the included USB cable, which you can plug into a PC or into the wall with the included wall adapter.

Like the DT-903, the new version also supports NFC pairing with devices, and since it uses the Qi wireless charging standard, the pad is compatible with a wide range of devices, not just Microsoft's own higher-end Windows Phones.

Source: Microsoft Store UK via Windows Central

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