Microsoft's Economic Impact on Washington

The University of Washington did a study that found Microsoft makes up 13.6% of Washington's economy in 2008. Part of the impact Microsoft has in the state include $9.16 billion in employee contributions and local purchases and the direct and indirect hiring of 267,611 employees.

In 1979, when Microsoft moved to Washington, it was a 30-employee, $3 million-company. In 2008, Microsoft was a 91,000-employee, $60 billion-company still headquartered in Washington, but with offices in 108 countries. The company is currently the second-largest private employer in the state, behind Boeing.

Scott Selby, communications manager in Microsoft Corporate Affairs, further explained, “Microsoft makes money, and then spends some of it on goods and services (the company purchased $2.15 billion in goods and services from Washington producers alone in 2008). That creates additional jobs and growth. Plus, there is then the spending of Microsoft employees as consumers.

image courtesy of SeattlePi

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