Microsoft's expanding Surface marketing campaign with new web adverts

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 went on-sale on Friday and to help promote the device, the company is now running a series of web banners. The advertisements, which generally appear above the fold in the top banner spot, started showing up earlier today and will likely show up on your favorite tech sites.

We fully expect Microsoft to start pushing the Pro 3 at every chance they get as this is the company's latest bit of hardware and frankly, it's the best Surface they have ever built. There are several banners that are running across the various ad networks including the two that you see in this post. They all carry the theme of 'the tablet that can replace your laptop' and include a link to the purchasing page on

We have already seen one video advertisement from the company which is currently showing on cable networks across the US and frequently during World Cup coverage. We would bet that Microsoft is also preparing more advertisements for the web, tv, and likely print as well to increase the awareness that its newest tablet, can now be purchased.

While Microsoft's Q4 ends on June 30th, we still don't expect the company to provide any insight into the sales of the Pro 3. Seeing that the device went on-sale at the end of the month, it will likely not have a material impact on the company's operations which would require them to disclose additional information about the sales of the device.

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