Microsoft's IE team helps to expand Contre Jour website

In October, Microsoft announced it had provided assistance to the development team that created the web-based version of the acclaimed mobile game Contre Jour. Today, Microsoft announced it has once again helped with expanding the website, which has now added 20 new levels that span two new worlds in the game.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer blog states that the new levels help to showcase the power of HTML5 programming in general and Internet Explorer 10 in particular with its support for touchscreen hardware. The game's main creator Maksym Hryniv (Max), and the team at Pixel Lab made the new web-exclusive levels. Max stated:

Bringing my game to the web really helped me reach new fans all around the world ...The first version was so successful that I wanted to create something truly unique for the web version. I decided to create a totally new chapter with visuals, gameplay and a new character. I think fans from my home country of Ukraine all the way to China and the U.S. will be pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the new levels.

One of the two new worlds in the web version is called New Friend World, and adds a new character called Amie who joins Contre Jour's main character Petit. The second world is called Moonlight World and is made to look more like the regular Contre Jour levels.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Pixel Lab

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