Microsoft's Laptop Hunters campaign: Meet Matt and Olivia

It has been a while since weve seen a Laptop Hunters commercial from Microsoft, which is part of a huge advertising campaign that pushes the true value of a PC rather than the underlying operating system that Apple continues to bash.

However the series is back with Matt and Olivia searching for a laptop thats perfect for sharing pictures of their son Jayden with friends and family. The requirements are simple: $700, large screen, and great battery life. In the end, Matt and Olivia decided on the HP dv7 just as Lauren did in the first Laptop Hunters commercial.

As is custom with these commercials the Mac is looked at briefly, this time its "too small" and "1000 dollars".

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">Video: Laptop Hunters $700 &ndash; Matt and Olivia get an HP dv7</a>

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