Microsoft's latest app for Android and iOS specializes in face swaps

While there has been a lot of tension and speculation in regards to Microsoft's own mobile platform, it has had no issues with pushing its tools to other platforms like Android and iOS. So it comes as no surprise that a new app has arrived for those devices. While it isn't the most productive app, the firm's latest 'Face Swap' will allow those to have a bit of fun by expanding beyond the traditional selfie.

The app will allow you to take a selfie and transpose that image of your face to different scenes and other scenarios. Although there are quite a fewf options to make things fun and interesting, you can see the full details down below:

• See yourself with a new hairstyle
• Try on different fashions
• Pop yourself into trending scenes
• Swap multiple faces on a group photo
• Put your friend’s face onto some funny pictures
• You can swap any face into any picture.

Microsoft states that its app will be using a sophisticated face swap engine that will allow users to:

  • Match skin tone (or any tone...Try a stone statue!)
  • Automatically find faces in images and place your swap
  • Match lighting conditions
  • Match head turns and tilts
  • Process and place multiple faces in a single scene

The app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store for Android devices. The iOS version should be hitting the App Store soon, but an ETA is currently unknown.

Source: Microsoft via Android Authority

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