Microsoft's LinkedIn acquires Glint to improve employee engagement

Microsoft has been on a shopping spree for a while, and it looks like it has no plans to stop. LinkedIn - a company which was itself acquired by the Redmond giant in 2016 - today announced plans to acquire Glint, a business specializing in employee engagement. Glint provides tools which allow business leaders to get feedback from their employees to know how the company is doing and what areas need improvement.

LinkedIn says it uses Glint's tools inside its own organization, and that, combined with its own insights into the workforce of a company, it can create new ways for businesses to learn and improve based on employee feedback:

We believe that Glint has uncovered a modern HR best practice that every company should do: Regularly gather employee feedback on work, culture and leadership, and give leaders the tools they need to translate those insights into action."

"Glint provides executives with the tools to answer questions about the health and happiness of the talent they have, while giving managers at all levels the access and insight they need to improve. Now imagine, through our combined offerings, that we can translate the specific feedback a manager gets from their employees on Glint into a personalized LinkedIn Learning experience focused on the topics that will help them improve, thus making the feedback much more actionable."

As a result of the deal, Glint will become a team inside LinkedIn, with its current CEO now reporting to Microsoft's Daniel Shapero. Over the coming 12 to 18 months, the goal is for the two teams to be fully integrated with each other.

Source: LinkedIn via Windows Central

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