Microsoft's new Office 365 TV ads show what parents and kids are really thinking

With many US students either going back to school this week or in the next couple of weeks, Microsoft is using the opportunity to push its Office 365 service as the perfect gift for a parent to give their college bound child in two new TV commercials.

However, the new ads, as posted on YouTube, are no sentimental cry-fest featuring parents watching their kids move on to a new point in their lives. In one ad, a dad gives his son a notebook with Office 365 University installed, but we also see captions above both the dad and son's heads that show what they are really thinking. We won't spoil all of it, but let's just say that an "accident" is involved.

The other new TV commercial has a mother who sounds like she is about to get emotional about her daughter leaving home but in reality all she cares about is finally getting a chance to remodel her kid's room with a treadmill. When she presents a laptop with Office 365 University installed to her daughter, her kid tells her that everything will be OK. In reality, she is thinking about something totally different that, again, we won't reveal here.

Source: Office on YouTube

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