Microsoft's newest Internet Explorer TV ad is made for touch and possibly your feelings

If you follow Microsoft's TV ads and Internet videos, you know that the ones made to help promote Internet Explorer have been funny and, well, a little off the beaten path for the past couple of years. This week, the company released its latest TV ad for IE, and as it turns out, it's bit more serious.

The clip, as posted on YouTube, doesn't even show IE in action for the first two thirds of the commercial. Instead, it shows a baby boy learning about the world by touching various objects and textures with his hands; everything from an egg to sand to a monkey doll.

The final few seconds of the clip finally show the boy touching a Windows 8.1 tablet (it looks like a member of the Surface family).  He uses IE11 to play an educational game on a website that's been made for touch interaction. The obvious idea here is that humans interact with the world in large part by touching and that IE11 on Windows 8.1 has been made with an emphasis for devices with touchscreens. While it's not really a funny or quirky video, this new IE promo certainly gets the "touch" theme across effectively.

Source: IE on YouTube

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