Microsoft's 'Scroogled' efforts against Google now include t-shirts

Microsoft has been keeping up its "Scroogled" campaign against Google for about a year now, claiming that Google's online user policies constantly invade the privacy of the customers they claim to serve. In October, a study even claimed that the campaign has been successful in driving away people from using Google services like search and Gmail.

Now Microsoft is giving anyone the change to become a walking "Scroogled" ad with a new line up of t-shirts, hats, hoodies and mugs that the company is selling on its Microsoft Store website. One of the t-shirts, as seen above, has Google's Chrome logo with a variation of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" meme, now changed to "Keep Calm while we Steal Your Data." That specific t-shirt is priced at $12 and you can get the same image printed on a mug.

Another t-shirt has a Chrome logo on a spider with the phrase "Step into our Web". Yet another shirt design has the same logo as a head on a humanoid wearing a fedora and trench coat with the phrase "I'm watching you." We have emailed Google to see if they wish to comment on Microsoft's newest product launch.

Source: Microsoft via TechCrunch | Image via Microsoft

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