Microsoft's secret son of Xbox revealed!

Thanks to dextromethorphan for this scoop.

A few days ago it was mere speculation, called X-box2. We can now bring you more information on Microsofts idea for a Homestation PC.

Microsoft is working on a top-secret home entertainment device code-named HomeStation. The PC/Xbox hybrid will run a version of Windows to form a home entertainment hub. The device will finally turn the idea of digital convergence into a living room reality. Following in the footsteps of the PC-influenced Xbox, the device is likely to be a non-upgradeable sealed unit, with a system board based on nVIDIA's nForce, boasting GeForce graphics and Dolby Digital sound. HomeStation will come equipped for an array of online and offline activities: a sizeable hard drive, broadband connection and compression technology based on Windows Media Player 8 - included with Windows XP - all point to a video-on-demand role.

Sources say a Microsoft .NET server will dish out movies, music, messaging, games and TV programming - and with a stonking hard drive, it'll also double up as digital TV recorder (à la TiVo). In addition, it will wirelessly interface with portable devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players and telephones using HomeRF or Bluetooth protocols. It may even manage home automation.

News source: PCFormat

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