Microsoft's Surface all-in-one might be called Surface Studio

In two days, Microsoft is holding an event where it is expected to announce a Surface all-in-one device. According to a new report from The Trademark Ninja, that device might be called Surface Studio.

The theory is devised through a series of connections and "what ifs", but here's a video explaining it:

While Microsoft applied for a global trademark on 'Surface' back in 2012, a Slovenian company did the same in February, and it's also for computer hardware. Recently, that same company applied for trademarks on 'Surface Studio', 'Surface Dial', and 'Dial'.

According to the report, the firm that handled the applications, Živko Mijatovic & Partners d.o.o., is responsible for 60% of Microsoft's trademarks that were filed in Slovenia since 1989. It's working under the assumption that the Slovenian company is actually Microsoft.

To be fair, there's quite a bit of speculation there, and we're only two days away from finding out for ourselves, but The Trademark Ninja does make some solid points.

Microsoft did file two trademarks of its own though: 'Surface Laptop' and 'Paint 3D'. One would think that if 'Surface Studio' was in fact applied for by the firm, it would have done so at the same time. Again, we'll find out more on Wednesday.

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