Microsoft's video ‘selfie' is the company's year in review

Microsoft achieved many things during 2013 and we have highlighted quite a few different milestones here. But, if you are wondering what Microsoft felt was important, they have put together a video to answer that burning question.

To highlight 2013, the company put together a video 'selfie’ that goes over what the company feels are the notable achievements for 2013. It’s not too hard to guess what all is included in the video and to simmer your excitement, know that the Surface 2, Yammer hitting 8 million users, the Xbox One launch and many other releases such as updates to Bing and Office, all get notable mentions.

The video is a quick look back at 2013 from Microsoft’s perspective and while 2013 was a good year for the company financially, 2014 will be highly interesting as the company moves to its device and services model with a new smartphone org under it’s belt and a new CEO at the top of the pile.

While 2014 has a lot in store, one item we should be hearing about soon is the Surface Mini. Seeing that NVIDIA announced a new CPU from the family of chipsets that Microsoft has been using in the Surface lineup, we will be curious to see what silicone Microsoft will put under the hood of the smaller device. 

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