Microsoft's Xbox One support page has YouTube videos to help with set-up

U.S. and European residents are still awaiting the Xbox One's release (folks in Australia and New Zealand already have their consoles), but Microsoft is already prepared for any questions they may have with the console's set-up thanks to new videos uploaded to the official Xbox One support pages.

The support site includes a helpful "Getting Started with Xbox One" page that also has several new YouTube tutorial videos to walk Xbox One owners through getting their next-generation consoles working in their home. One of them offers the best way to place the new Kinect sensor, seen below.

Another video shows how to connect the Xbox One to a cable or satellite TV box so that the console can then take over control of the TV listings and become the "OneGuide" for television viewing.

Once the cables have all been connected, the next video shows how to set up the Xbox One so that the "OneGuide" TV features work as expected.

The next clip offers up some tips on where to place the Xbox One itself, including advisories not to stack any other electronic devices on top of the Xbox One and not to place it near a heat source.

Finally, Microsoft has posted a longer YouTube video that goes over all of the main features of the Xbox One once everything is connected correctly and the console itself is powered up.

Source: Microsoft

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