Middle-earth: Shadow of War drops all microtransactions and overhauls end-game content

While it seems games nowadays are going all in on microtransactions, Monolith Productions is going the opposite direction. The developer announced earlier this year that it is planning to clear away all microtransactions from its action-RPG Middle-earth: Shadow of War following fan feedback, and today's update has done just that.

As part of the update, the premium market has been completely wiped from the title, and the Shadow Wars endgame portion has received a much-needed overhaul. Both of these elements were received poorly by critics and players alike when the game launched last year, which is also noted in Neowin's own review.

Shadow Wars is now called the Epilogue, with Shelob, the Witch-King, along with Dark Talion having new narration throughout it. There are also new abilities to unlock, Masks of the Nazgul to earn, and players can also keep forging their fortresses and armies even after the final credits.

Beyond that, there are changes to the Nemesis system such as introducing more legendary orcs, as well as new ways to approach character builds, new skins, and a whole lot more. The massive changelog in its entirety can be found on the game's official website.

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