Minecraft makes a ton of money for Mojang

Markus "Notch" Persson's creation of the sandbox game Minecraft has made both himself and the company he founded, Mojang, a ton of money. Newly revealed financial details show that Mojang generated a tidy profit of 7.2 million euros during 2011.

MVC reports that Mojang's profits could double in 2012, thanks to continued high sales of the PC version, which has now sold close to 7 million copies. Versions of Minecraft made for the Xbox 360 and Android devices have also sold well.

Mojang is currently working on its next major game, a fantasy turn-based collectible card game called Scrolls. "Notch" himself has actually left active development of Minecraft to others at Mojang as he works on another game, a space-themed sandbox game with the odd title 0x10c.

Meanwhile, Mojang announced a few days ago that the second annual Minecon convention will be held on November 24-25 in, of all places, Disneyland in Paris, France. Registration for the event is supposed to happen later this month. However, ticket prices have yet to be announced. The first Minecon was held in Las Vegas in the fall of 2011 and was the place where "Notch" and the rest of Mojang celebrate the official 1.0 launch of Minecraft.

Source: MCV

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