Mixer streaming is built into the latest Minecraft beta

Today, Microsoft announced the Minecraft 1.2.5 beta, and the big new feature is that it has Mixer built right into the game. It's been less than two months since the company launched Mixer Create, an app that allows you to live-stream your mobile games, but now you won't even have to leave Minecraft to manage your stream.

You'll still need the Mixer Create app though. Here's what you'll need to do to start a stream:

  • Download the Mixer Create app, then open the Minecraft beta.

  • Tap the Settings button inside of Minecraft, either on the homepage or within the game

  • Scroll down and tap Broadcast

  • Tap Launch Mixer Create

  • Tap the pink broadcasting button to start the broadcast

After you set up your stream, you'll see the broadcasting bar within the game, where you can do things like turn the front-facing camera or microphone on or off.

This feature also supports Mixer's interactivity features. Microsoft says that any command within Minecraft can be turned into an interactive button, allowing those watching the stream to participate in the game.

Beta users can test this out today on Android and Windows 10, with Xbox One users getting it later this week. Everyone else, such as iOS players, will have to wait until version 1.2.5 exits beta.

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