MMORPG currency exchange defrauded for $3,000

Gaming Open Market closes all currency exchanges but one; files claims with PayPal and the FBI.

The massively multiplayer online game currency exchange Gaming Open Market will be closing its doors to currency trading for all games except Second Life until further notice, said the company's founders in a letter posted on the GOM Web site. The closing comes in response to a transaction that occurred on Sunday, in which a client obtained $3,000 worth of online currency for nothing.

According to GOM President Jamie Hale, the perpetrator purchased $3,000 worth of Star Wars Galaxies and EVE Online credits. Immediately after he received the currencies in-game, he retracted the PayPal payment, claiming that the goods were never delivered. Hale suspects that incident is part of a larger case of identity theft.

News source: GameSpot

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