Mobile Intel Pentium 4s revealed

AS WE'VE POINTED out in a few stories over the last few weeks, one of the more interesting family of processors Intel will launch during this year is its "Portability Processor".These are Pentium 4s and Celerons which are based on Intel's desktop CPUs but with some differences – they're intended for so-called "transportable" notebooks.

The chips also have some interesting characteristics – at first they'll be built using the .13µ (micron) process, will have a 512K cache, and will use a 533MHz front side bus, although Intel calls this the PSB. By the fourth quarter of this year, these processors will also support hyperthreading, and next year will start to appear as "mobile Prescotts", with 1MB of cache, hyperthreading and also at 533MHz for the bus, although produced using a 90 nanometer factory process.

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