Mobile phone market shows fluctuations

We are all aware that the raging race between mobile phone manufacturers is getting fiercer day by day. A large number of devices are flooding all of the price ranges. The worldwide market shares are closer quarter by quarter. Here is the comparison for Q3 2008 on a worldwide basis.

Nokia is still holding its leading position with 39.4% of the market. Nokia's share did decrease in comparison with Q2, but it's a 0.8% increase from 38.6% in Q3 2007. Although with a huge difference, Samsung is second with 17.3%. This is a very nice result because last year it was 14.7% in the same period. This is at the same time the largest market share increase in the top 5 mobile phone manufacturers. Sony Ericsson has a negative score in comparison with Q3 2007. with 8.6% (8.9% last year).

Motorola's agony continues. Their market share is currently only 8.5%. They lost a painful 4.3% since Q3 last year. At the same time, this company announces loses in an amount of 400 million dollars.

LG is in a status quo with almost the same share like a year ago, about 7.6 - 7.7%.

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