Mobile title Pokémon Masters is now available for Android [Update: iOS too]

The Pokémon Company announced back in May that it would be releasing a new smartphone game called Pokémon Masters, and we later learned that it would be arriving in the summer. Now, the game seems to be available for Android devices around the world. As noted by Serebii, the full launch is expected around 6AM UTC, which isn't far off.

In Pokémon Masters, players will explore the Pasio region, meeting a large roster of popular trainers from previous games in the franchise. Rather than having a team of different Pokémon, players actually meet different trainers and their respective Pokémon - a duo known as a sync pair. Players then team up with two other sync pairs to engage in three-versus-three battles.

Rather than using the traditional turn-based mechanics of the Pokémon franchise, battles in Masters are controlled by a move gauge which fills up over time. When it has filled up enough, the player can use an attack with any of the Pokémon available in their team.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Masters may be a good way to get acquainted with some of the characters and mechanics ahead of the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch in November. You can download the game from the Play Store right now, and from the App Store on iOS once it's available there.

Update: It seems that the game is now live on iOS too.

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