Modern UI Firefox for Windows 8 postponed to late January

Mozilla has reportedly pushed back the release date of its Firefox browser for Windows 8 to late January because of slow development process.

Firefox "Metro" has been under development for more than a year and has not yet been released to the general public. Back in February, Mozilla made the nightly versions of the browser available for testing under the development branch "Elm." The "Aurora" channels maintained by Mozilla currently have the "Metro Preview Release" which will graduate further to beta and release.

As reported earlier, the Modern UI browser was expected to leave beta on Dec. 10 with Firefox 26, but now according to a report by Computerworld, the date has been pushed back to late January with version 27.

According to Mozilla's meeting notes:

"The decrease in average team velocity over the two previous iterations positions Metro for a Firefox 27 release on January 21, 2014."

Google Chrome has had its Modern UI version since the launch of Windows 8. Mozilla is surely running late with its release and quite possibly losing users in the newly evolving Windows 8 tablet ecosystem. Users who want to try the preview release can get it over at Mozilla's FTP.

Source: Mozilla via Computerworld | Images via Mozilla

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