Modern Warfare 3 breaks Xbox Live records

While Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 isn't an Xbox 360 exclusive game, the first person shooter from Activision has its biggest audience for Microsoft's console. Today Activision announced that on the day of Modern Warfare 3's release on November 8 it set a record of having 3.3 million players online at any one time on the console's Xbox Live online service.

In addition, Activision said that over 7 million multiplayer hours were logged in by Modern Warfare 3 players on the Xbox 360 on November 8. That's up from 5.9 million multiplayer hours set by Call of Duty Black Ops in 2010. Finally, Modern Warfare 3 had 3 million unique gamers online on its launch day, compared to just 2.6 million gamers for the launch day of Black Ops.

Activision also announced that Modern Warfare 3 has broken the overall five day entertainment revenue record (that includes movies, books and every other entertainment form). The game generated over $775 million in revenue for that time period, well ahead of Black Ops's $650 million in 2010 and Modern Warfare 2 with $550 million.

While Activision didn't break down the sales numbers by platforms, it's our educated guess that the Xbox 360 got the lion's share of that money. You can bet that makes Microsoft happy since it gets a percentage from every single Xbox 360 game sold.

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