Moment releases new camera app with 3D Touch shutter button, pro features, and more

The folks behind Moment have introduced an update to their camera app, bringing advanced features like full manual controls, raw files, and more.

The Moment 3.0 app will offer a new design, giving quick access to adjust the focus, ISO, exposure, shutter speed, and more. The app will also have the ability to shoot in advanced formats like RAW, HEIF, and TIFF. Those that want to keep things simple will still be able to shoot in JPG. The app will also have a live histogram so photographers can better compose their shot.

Perhaps one of the more interesting parts of the app is the inclusion of a 3D Touch shutter button. Like a shutter button that you would find on a traditional digital camera, you can half press on the touch shutter button to lock focus and then press fully to take the photo. It's a small detail but a nice use of Apple's 3D Touch technology.

Not only is the revamped Moment app for iOS devices but for the first time, it will also be made available to Android users as well. But just to be clear, for the time being, Android users will only have access to the photo settings, with video support coming at a later date. The iOS version of the app will be free, while the Android version of the app will cost $1.99.

Source: Moment

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