'Month of Kernel Bugs' Launches with Apple Wi-Fi Exploit

Metasploit founder HD Moore has released an exploit for an unpatched vulnerability in the Apple Airport driver that ships with some PowerBook and iMac computers. The exploit kicks off a new project called Month of Kernel Bugs and follows a heated debate over the existence of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) flaws affecting Apple Computer's Mac OS X systems.

In an e-mail exchange with eWEEK, Moore said the exploit is not related to the Wi-Fi driver flaws discovered and discussed in Aug. 2006 by researchers David Maynor and Jon "Johnny Cache" Ellch at the Black Hat Briefings. "This exploit is one I found over the weekend, using the new 802.11 fuzzer modules in the Metasploit Framework," Moore said, referring to a new version of the point-and-click hacking tool that will ship with Wi-Fi exploits.

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