More info about Amazon's 3D smartphone leak, gesture-based features

Last week, a new report claimed to have the first image of Amazon's rumored smartphone, which it stated will have 3D effects that can be seen without glasses, thanks to four special cameras. Now the same site claims to have even more information on the smartphone, but this time the focus is on the rumored gesture features that Amazon is supposed to be putting in the devices.

The report claims, via unnamed sources, that the 4.7 inch phone will feature apps that can be accessed just by moving the device. For example, it says that tilting the phone to one side while reading an eBook in Amazon's Kindle app will bring up the X-Ray menu that offers more information on the book.  Tilting the phone up or down will allow users to scroll up or down in a Kindle ebook, or move up or down on a page in the phone's web browser.

Many of Amazon's dedicated smartphone apps won't have traditional menu buttons, according to the article. Instead they will be replaced by tilt gestures. If a person searches for a restaurant on the phone, tilting the device will reveal that location's Yelp rating. The same thing can reportedly be done on the IMDb app to show review ratings on movies.

The phone is also rumored to have an app that will allow pictures of text to be converted to notes, or to translate the words into another language. This sounds similar to Microsoft's Bing Translator app for Windows Phone 8BGR claims Amazon will officially reveal their 3D smartphone later this spring, and could start selling it this summer.

Source: BGR | Image via BGR

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