More Microsoft Office 2013 logos leaked

A few days ago, logos for the new Microsoft Office 2013 versions of Excel and OneNote were leaked to the Internet. Now, a screenshot from a leaked build of Windows RT has shown even more Office 2013 logos.

The website has posted up pictures of that build which, as you can see above, show the new Office 2013 logos for Word and PowerPoint alongside the previously leaked Excel and OneNote logos. All of the logos have a Metro-style design, which is to be expected since Microsoft is pushing the Metro UI across many of its product lines.

There's still no official word from Microsoft on when the promised public beta version of Office 2013 will be launched. Rumors have the first beta version coming out before the end of July. Microsoft currently refers to Office 2013 by its code name of "Office 15".

The final, and separate, shipping version of the software suite is scheduled to be made available sometime in early 2013, a few months after the launch of Windows RT and Windows 8. However, Windows RT devices will be bundled with their own version of Office 15.

Via: The Verge
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