More New Themes on Neowin!

We have been able to complete all of the themes today for the main site.. some font colors and page colors are still being looked at. xpfreak has done an amazing job with all of them and he plans to do a few more color variations for the main site that could also make it to the forum.

View: Green, Grey or Red

Also Redmak has been working for most of the day on the new "Default" theme for the forum (which is also blue). You can find it here by selecting the "Style Set" Test. We look forward to feedback as we plan to implement it tomorrow morning when the site is not so busy.

Ritsuke has also made a new avatar to celebrate the new themes and logo.. you can select it in the forums under avatar options (in usercp). or paste the url by right clicking on the image and selecting properties (which let you see the full url) One for staff has also been made. Please do not use the staff one, doing so will get your avatar reset.

On a side note.. all forum themes will be updated, but its more difficult than updating the main site. The Silver theme is also being worked on.. expect more updates!

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