Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 2

Mozilla is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. We've added lots of features and fixed lots of bugs since Mozilla 1.4. Help us shake it down in preparation for Mozilla 1.5 final.

  • Mozilla now includes a spellchecker for Mail/News and Composer.
  • ChatZilla, Mozilla's internet relay chat client, has had a major overhaul bringing logging and many additional improvements.
  • Dom Inspector can now display the #document node (the document root).
  • It is now possible to jump from the JavaScript console to the relevant line in the View Source window
  • Mozilla's view source now displays line and column numbers in the status bar.
  • A quicksearch filter has been implemented for about:config.
  • Gecko now supports setting color for.
  • The '::' notation for CSS pseudo-elements is now supported. The old ':' notation is still supported for the various -moz-* pseudo-elements, but will not be supported in Mozilla 1.5. Themes should be updated to use the '::' notation for pseudo-elements.
  • Unstyled XML display has been improved.
  • Mozilla should no longer cause GDI problems on Windows.
  • A common problem collapsing the address field pop-up menu on Windows has been fixed.
  • Mozilla has improved performance, stability, standards support, and Web compatibility.
News source: Warp2Search

View: Release Notes

Download: Mozilla 1.5 RC2 (Windows)

Download: Mozilla 1.5 RC2 (Linux)

Download: Mozilla 1.5 RC2 (OS X)

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