Mozilla Drops 1.8 Release, Introduces Transition Plan

Mozilla has just announced that it will not be releasing or supporting any subsequent versions of its "Mozilla Suite" software. The suite has been moved aside so that Mozilla can focus on developing its key offerings, including Firefox and Thunderbird. Mozilla still plans to release an interim 1.7.x build in the near future, which will ultimately become the last officially supported Foundation release.

The 1.7.x line will be the last set of Seamonkey products released and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation. The Mozilla Foundation will provide infrastructure for those interested in working on the 1.7.x releases, which we expect will include a number of vendors who provide these products to their customers. We've committed to support the 1.7 branch some time ago. If we ship 1.8 we'll need to support that as well, and we just can't manage supporting that many versions as well as Firefox and Thunderbird releases.

In related news, Firefox developer Ben Goodger announced that Foundation will be pursuing the Firefox 1.1 Plan with renewed effort. Described as being "an important incremental update to Firefox 1.0" with "major enhancements to the Gecko platform", Firefox 1.1 will certainly receive a lot more attention now that the suite is on the chopping block.

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