Mozilla is testing paid ad-free internet and VPN services

Mozilla has long been a defender of privacy for users, and that ideology has been reflected in many of its announcements over the years. Recently, the organization talked about finding alternative funding methods for the web, as an alternative to ads that not only benefit major companies above others but also compromise user privacy and the online experience.

Now, it seems Mozilla's solution may be coming to light. As first reported by users on Reddit (via Liliputing), Mozilla's website has a new page that advertises an ad-free internet experience supported by a monthly payment of $4.99. Mozilla emphasizes that this way, users can support websites and content creators while avoiding the ever-annoying ads. The page says that the monthly payment is shared directly with the websites visited by the user, meaning they can get more money while offering users a better experience.

In addition to getting rid of ads, the service will seemingly get you access to audio versions of articles, sync your bookmarks across devices, and let you pick up your reading session where you left off on any device, including the ability to switch to the audio version. As of right now, the button to sign up allows you to fill out a survey to gauge interest in the ad-free internet experience.

But that's not all. On the same domain, Mozilla has a few pages referring to a VPN service, which would also be paid and do pretty much what you'd expect from a VPN. There are at least three different pages that look nearly identical, except they mention different pricing. The available options are $4.99, $9.99, or $12.99 per month. Just like the one mentioned above, the sign-up button takes you to a survey to gauge interest in the product.

It's not clear for now when Mozilla is planning to make these products available to the general public, but an ad-free subscription could, in theory, be an ideal solution for users and content providers alike. However, it remains to be seen if - and how much - users are willing to pay for the privilege of browsing the internet without ads.

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